The Super Smash Bros Ultimate could receive new Characters from Doom and Minecraft

Gaming franchises are one of the most successful and productive ”clusters” from the tech industry. The Super Smash Bros is a franchise which typically boasts with items taken from Nintendo’s series. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its own successful games and that people don’t love the most popular releases from the Super Smash Bros’ series.

Next to its classic and ”borrowed” items, the popular franchise is also famous for pulling in characters coming from other games. However, it looks like we still have a lot to see. According to the latest rumors spread by the Japanese website 5Channel, Super Smash Bros could surprise us with some shocking additions.

New protagonists extracted from famous games could enlarge Super Smash Bros’ collection

The surprising information went viral via Game Rant. It we were to trust the rumours spread by the website, we should be preparing for meeting new and old protagonists in the upcoming DLCs. New for the Super Smash Bro family, but classics for some other games we like to play.

We are talking about the main character from Doom and Steve from Minecraft. The list is completed by Erdrick from Dragon Quest and another brave hero, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. As shocking as it might seem, the information seems reliable. It is supported by a recent datamine which revealed a part of the game’s codenames for the upcoming DLC characters.

At the beginning, speculations said that the mentioned codenames were referring to Dragon Quest, Persona 5 and a character from Mario – the Piranha Plant. The information is not confirmed yet, but everybody is waiting to see if Doom and Minecraft are really going to be introduced in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. If we consider the fact that both games were released by Nintendo Switch, the additions are not so surprising.

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