iMac 2019 Could Feature Face ID and Gaze Tracking Technology

One year has passed since Apple updated the iMac. However, this doesn’t mean that Apple has forgotten about the iMac, just that Apple is taking its time designing the next-generation model that is expected to hit the markets in 2019. Even though Apple did its best to keep all information about iMac 2019 away from the media’s eyes, we still have a pretty good idea of what’s coming next such as Face ID and gaze tracking among others. With that said, let’s see what the future holds in store for iMac fans.

Expected Release Date

The first thing that we want to cover about iMac 2019 is that Apple is planning to launch it in 2019. The last iMac was launched on June during the WWDC event and we believe that Apple is going to do the same with the new iMac in 2019. Not just that, but previous leaks have shown that Apple is planning to release not one, but six models of iMac 2019.

Six New iMac 2019 Models

Just like Apple does every time it releases a new iMac, there will be multiple versions of the 2019 iMac. Rumor has it that Apple is currently adding the finishing touches to six models of iMac 2019. There will be three 21.5-inches models of iMac 2019 with different specs and three more that measure in at 27-inches.

Face ID and Gaze Tracking Technology

One of the primary reasons why Apple fans are highly anticipating iMac 2019 to release is because the device will feature Face ID and gaze tracking technology. Even though introducing these two features to iMac 2019 might sound crazy at first, Apple actually patented last year a technology that can enable the iMac 2019 screen to start monitoring the user’s eye and head movement. Therefore, there is a high chance that the iMac 2019 will be unlockable through Face ID.

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