Woman’s Life Was Saved by Apple Watch’s Find iPhone Feature

Apple Watch is known for having many useful features that make our lives safer. Following the latest trends, Apple made sure that this device provides its users with some health benefits. For example, you can now take an ECG by yourself using the Apple Watch Series 4. However, a recent event in the life of a Florida woman shows us that even a less obvious app can sometimes save a life.

Woman saved by her Apple Watch

Amanda Antonio has a real reason to be grateful for her Apple Watch. Early morning on New Year’s Day, she lost control over her car and ended up in a ditch full of water. Antonio was stuck inside of the car that was filling up with water. The woman wanted to call the emergency services when she realized that she has lost her iPhone. Luckily, she had an Apple Watch, which helped her locate the missing device with the help of a feature called Find iPhone. As soon as she had her iPhone back, Antonio called 911 and soon after that police helped her escape from the sinking car.

You can find your missing iPhone using Apple Watch

This wonderful feature, Find iPhone, of the Apple Watch has managed to save a life and it proved itself to be incredibly useful. This is great news and we hope that no one will ever have to go through such a tragic event. However, in case you ever have an emergency or you simply cannot find your iPhone, this is how you can easily locate it by using your Apple Watch:

  • You need to press the Digital Crown button in order to return to the watch face.
  • Then you have to swipe up from the bottom of the watch face. Now your iPhone should appear at the top as “Connected”.
  • Lastly, tap the Find iPhone button.

It’s extremely important to also add that in order for this procedure to work, your iPhone needs to have Bluetooth enabled.

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