Mozilla Thunderbird Will Have Better Gmail Support

We’ve recently had an announcement from Thunderbird community manager Ryan Sipes that some new changes will soon come to Mozilla’s desktop email client. It seems that 2019 brings a faster and more pleasant application, which will also offer better Gmail support.

Exciting changes come to Mozilla Thunderbird

Sipes has just announced that the team who works on the project is now comprised of eight full-time staffers and there are also plans of hiring six more pretty soon. Thanks to Thunderbird’s growing staff, some major updates will be possible in 2019. The expanded team is promising that this year we should expect the application to run faster than before. Also, some performance issues will be addressed and some parts of the client will be rewritten, in order for it to use modern processors effectively.

“At the beginning of this year we are going to be adding as many as six new members to our team. Most of these people, with the exception of this author, are engineers who will be focused on making Thunderbird more stable, faster, and easier to use,” said Ryan Sipes in a recent blog post.

Better Gmail support and changed User Interface (UI)

But that’s not all, as it looks like Thunderbird will also have better notifications, as well as a few user interface updates. But probably the most important update is regarding Gmail, as the new improved version of the client promises to offer better Gmail support. At the moment, there are some things lacking once one sets up Thunderbird to work with their Gmail account, as they will not have access to so many proprietary features of Gmail. One of the things that the team will probably do is to offer better label support. This is just one example, but we cannot wait to see what else an improved Thunderbird will bring.

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