Battery Sizes of Samsung Galaxy S10 Models Revealed in A Leak

We have some exciting news about the batteries of the smartphones from the Galaxy S10 series. Thanks to a recent leak from well-known Ice Universe, we might get an idea about the possible battery sizes of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Lite and S10 Plus. Let’s take a look at the details.

Improved battery capacity for the upcoming S10 series

When it comes to battery life, we can definitely say that Samsung does not excel. This also applies to the Samsung Galaxy S lineup, but luckily, we may see some change in the upcoming Galaxy S10 models. According to a recent post made by leaker Ice Universe, we could get better battery life for the new smartphones from the S10 series that are expected to launch later this year. Judging by the picture above, which was twitted recently by the leaker, it looks like the South Korean company will increase the battery capacity. This news certainly sounds exciting and if it proves to be true, then we’re sure a lot of fans will be extremely happy about it.

What are the changes

It appears that the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a 3,500mAh capacity, the larger Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will come with a 4,000mAh battery and the more affordable Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will have a 3,100mAh battery. When it comes to the capacity of the Galaxy S10 Plus, it will be similar to that of the Galaxy Note9, which has a 6.4-inch display and lasts for a whole day with average use. Therefore, we would expect the same performance, if not even better, from the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, especially taking into account its newer processor. Regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will have a 6.1-inch display, there will be a major 16.7% upgrade in its battery capacity.

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