Top Three Craziest Minecraft Tips and Tricks

Minecraft is one of the best games ever made and there’s no doubt about that. Just take for example how the game features “bad” graphics and it’s still a highly popular game even though it was released back in 2009. This shows us that games which focus on gameplay instead of fancy graphics are always fun to play. Talking about Minecraft’s gameplay, the developers have made it so complex that there are lots of tips and tricks that only experienced Minecraft players know about. With that said, today we are going to help you improve your game by showing you the top three tips and tricks for Minecraft.

Top Three Minecraft Tips and Tricks

  • Mine Sand/Gravel with Torches

We are going to start our list of top Minecraft tips and tricks with something so amazing that it’s going to make mining for sand and gravel much easier than before! Did you know that you can actually mine for resources just by holding up your torch? This is a feature that most people don’t know about and the only thing that they need to do is to hold a torch next to sand or gravel.

  • Pressure Plates (Water and Lava Inside)

If you are ever thinking about building an elaborate maze or to place traps for other players or monsters, then using pressure plates is a must! However, there is a cool trick to passing by pressure plates that lots of Minecraft players have no idea about. The trick is to place water or lava inside the pressure plates because the two resources will not spill.

  • Break Boats and Minecarts from a Distance!

The last tip on our list is for Minecraft players who love to play on the offensive. The best way to break boats or minecarts is to do it from a distance while using a bow and arrow. Not just that, but the drops from boats or minecarts will remain the same.

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