New Google Play Store Update Arrives Today – Mobile Gamers Will Love It!

Ask any Android fan what is the service that they like the most on their smartphone and their answer will be the Google Play Store. The reason why the Google Play Store is such a beloved service in the Android community is because it gives Android fans access to thousands of new apps and games every single day. Therefore, Google makes it its top priority to regularly release updates for the Play Store in order to improve the service’s performances and the user experience that it offers.

New Google Play Store Update

Android fans should be pleased to find out that a new update for the Play Store has arrived today! The update sports the 12.9.30 build number and it’s available to download for free. Since this is an update that targets Android powered smartphones, no one should be shocked to find out that it comes in the form of APK. For those who are unfamiliar with this format, this is an acronym for “Android Package Kit”, hence the reason why Google is using it for its updates.

What’s New?

Even though everyone associates new updates with new features, this is not the case for the latest Play Store 12.9.30 APK. Since the Play Store is a service and not an app, the new update focuses on tweaking out its software and making it run better than usual instead of adding graphical changes or exciting features. However, Android fans shouldn’t be disappointed by the lack of features because this means that Google is trying to improve the already premium user experience that Android smartphones offer.

With that said, the Play Store will now run smoother than before and the chances for the service to randomly crash are much lower than usual. This is great news for Android fans, especially those who love playing games on their smartphones.

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