Will PlayStation 5 Come With A Cartridge?

Sony is working on PlayStation 5, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Obviously, as always, the Internet was full of rumours and speculations. One of the most interesting ones was related to a patent filed by Sony. Some believed that it could represent a part of a cartridge that will come with the next console.

This happened last year, when the company applied for an “electronic game cartridge”. Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) published it back in November. However, we didn’t receive too many details. The pictures did show us that there is a connection at the bottom.

Will it be used for PlayStation 5?

It is believed that the cartridge was going to be used for the PlayStation 5 and it was even believed that the console will have a separate handheld for it. We already spotted the handheld on a different patent which was filed by Sony in 2017. It does seem to resemble Nintendo Switch.

A portable handheld for PlayStation 5 isn’t that unlikely. In addition to that, we already know that John Kodera, the new PlayStation chief, has declared that they are trying to find new options to improve the gaming experience they deliver. He did mention portable gaming as one of the alternatives.

Nonetheless, it appears that the cartridge for PlayStation 5 is not what we believed. The patent design for the cartridge proved to be identical to the cartridges of the Sony Toio. We already know, Sony Toio is offering new creative ways of playing. More than that, the design patent is very similar to the Toio cartridge.

This means that the PlayStation 5 won’t come with a cartridge, or, at the very least, it won’t be the one from the patent designs.

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