Apple Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which One Is Better in 2019

We all know that both Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4 are amazing smartwatches that do all kinds of stuff, from fitness tracking to mirroring notifications on your smartphone. The real question is which one is better.


There’s one obvious difference between these 2: their shape. The Galaxy one is round, and the Apple Watch is square. The Galaxy Watch reminds us of an analog watch, and there’s the rotating bezel that’s around the screen, that changes the settings, or that can help you navigate through all the notifications. It comes with a tactile sensation that gives the click sound everytime you turn it, in comparison with the Apple Watch that doesn’t really get you that feeling. The Galaxy Watch feels more natural. However, it is thicker than Apple Watch, which will make it difficult for you to dress up. Also, when it comes to workouts, it will also be difficult for you, as you’ll feel the weight on your wrist.

Both of the screens are very easy to see when outside.

What are the features?

As you must have already figured it out, the Apple watch is only compatible with an iPhone, and the Galaxy Watch is compatible with iOS and Android.

They can both work with third-party apps, and mirror notifications from your phone. They can track activities both automatically and manually, and they can make mobile payments using Apple or Samsung pay. They can track your route, thanks to GPS, and summon the voice assistants for both of them. You can also make and receive calls and messages without using your phone, with the help of LTE.

The price

For the cheapest Galaxy Watch, you’ll have to pay $280. And for the LTE, another $70. For the cheapest Apple Watch, you’ll have to pay $399. And for the LTE, another $100.

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