Pokémon Go: The First Hatchathon Event of 2019 Is Now Live

We have some news for all the Pokémon Go fans out there: the first Hatchathon event of this year has just been launched. So it looks like even though the winter event of the game is about to end, Niantic is still going to offer numerous rewards to players.

What Hatchathon is about

So what’s all the fuss about this Hatchathon event? Well, it’s quite simple. All Pokémon Go players that will take part in the Hatchathon will get double Hatch Stardust and double Hatch Candy for each egg that they hatch before 15th of January, 4 p.m. EST. More than this, during the event, trainers will have more chances to receive 5 KM and 10 KM egg from both gyms and PokeStops.

When it comes to the rate increase for egg acquisition, we don’t have any details about it yet. However, judging by the expectations of the community, it seems that fans think that having more 5 KM eggs is not really necessary. We also know that some players believe that these eggs don’t offer such great Pokémon after all. In the past, shiny Pokémon were introduced for players to get during the Hatchathon, but regarding the current event, we don’t know yet whether something new will be added or not.

Will this Hatchathon be more exciting than other past events?

We know for a fact that not all of us are that excited to hear the news about Hatchathon, but we still need to wait for more specific details to be uncovered. So we don’t really know yet if this event will bring more excitement to the table than other events. It remains to be seen. Given the fact that during the winter event players had to face a rather low hatch rate, some fans believe that the timing of the Hatchathon is not the best.

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