iOS 13 Was Just Spotted On Some Apple Devices

We all know that when it comes to iOS 12, Apple decided to focus mostly on fixes and optimizations, so everyone is waiting for something more exciting from the upcoming iOS 13. There are probably still few months until we will have some news from the tech giant about their next operating system, as we expect for some things to be revealed in June, during the yearly WWDC. However, it seems that iOS 13 is already being tested, long before its expected release. Does this mean that we should expect some leaks following soon? We certainly hope so.

Some Apple devices have been spotted running iOS 13

According to a recent post made by MacRumors, their website has started seeing visits from iPhones that are running iOS 13. They were able to see this with the help of some analytics software, which can determine the OS version of each visit to a certain website. It looks like these devices that run iOS 13 first started visiting the site back in October and their numbers increased in November and December. So this is pretty exciting news, as we clearly expect new leaks about Apple’s next OS to appear in the near future.

What to expect from iOS 13?

When it comes to what we should expect from iOS 13, unfortunately we don’t have so many details yet, so we don’t know exactly what kind of features Apple’s next iOS update will bring. Based on some rumors that have been circulating the internet, we might get to see some pretty cool features, like in-app tabs, as well as updates to Split View. However, nothing is certain yet, so we cannot wait to get more info on this, hopefully quite soon. We are extremely eager to see how iOS 13 will look like.

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