WhatsApp to Introduce a New Feature That Will Change the Privacy of Our Messages

WhatsApp is the most used app in Bristol for messaging, and it now comes with new surprises. The Facebook-owned app is making headlines, but should we be happy? The last update came with the possibility to watch shared videos in a small window, directly from the main chat. This means that you can still send messages to your friends, while you’re watching the video you just got.

Picture-in-picture feature

Most of the users should see this feature in picture-in-picture instantly, because it was a server-side update. If you cannot do this, and picture-in-picture doesn’t come out automatically, you might need to do it manually from the app. Another update allowed users to send private messages while they were in a group chat – the app has this new feature called “Reply Privately” that’s available for beta versions of the app.

Are our records protected whatsoever?

The app is very popular in Bristol, exactly because it is able to bring together friends in groups, allows them to exchange and share photos and talk about work easily. Not long ago, WhatsApp has announced that there’s a system update that is able to see all of your pictures, chats, audio and video files can be deleted. These changes happen because of a deal between Google and Whatsapp, where Google agreed that users could back up their accounts and messages on their Drive. And it’s true, Google Drive backups are free, but are they going to protect the records in the same way?

People are very worried about their data protection, which, as we all know, features the highest levels of end-to-end encryption. The company said in an official statement that all the messages and media files would be protected by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption while they’re saved in Google Drive.

Those people who value their privacy have started to look for other messaging apps. We are not sure how all of this will affect WhatsApp.

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