Firefox for Android Beta 65.0 Available For Testers

We’ve all heard of Mozilla – that non-profit organization that wants to give all the power of the internet to the people. It has a whole lot of users, a well-structured community, developers and contributors that constantly work on innovating the browser for users, in order to have the best experience. When someone uses Firefox, that someone becomes part of the community, and we cannot be more thankful for this happy and welcoming family.

The Android Beta 65.0 version

Firefox has released the Android Beta 65.0 version and all the beta testers are able to try the app, with the latest performance, security enhancements and customization – all before they release the next version. The team behind the app asks people to join their family and give the app a test, by helping to put the finishing touches when it comes to functionality and features.

How do they need our help?

They said that they need testers for Intel x86 Atom based devices, so if you’re among those users that own it, you’re asked to download Firefox Beta and give it a try, then give the developers feedback. Also, if you find bugs, you’re asked to report them as soon as possible. Of course, you need to meet some requirement and your device needs to meet some requirement, as well. Make sure you read those and take them into account, before you download Firefox and start testing it.

What’s new?

Right now, the team behind the browser works on making Firefox for Android even better than it was before, with each and every new release. They’re working on bugs, and they’re also working on making the performance better, with the best improvements.

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