Experience Better Google Maps With These Professional tips

  1. Different times of the world

On Google Earth there is an option that allows you to see a location at night or a day at the same time. You can even see it at different seasons, summer, winter. Basically, you check the data from the picture that it is written own at the bottom and select Click to see historical imagery. You will be able to view the same image of the location at different times.

  1. Measure distances

There is a ruler tool at the top, in the menu with which you can draw a line between two locations to measure the distance in time and kilometers.

  1. Guided Tours

Google Earth has already got some guided tours, for example, Sightseeing Tour. You can find the tours at the “Tour Guide” to see any tours available nearly you. It is best to check the “3D Buildings” option for a better view. You can also create a tour by opening the video camera from the button which is at the top of the screen.

  1. Flight Simulator option

Google Earth has this option where you can simulate a flight with an airplane. You find the option at Tools and it is called “Enter Flight Simulator”.

  1. Create Maps

Create your map by placing marks, polygons, paths and images anywhere you want then click on save and export and it will automatically get shared for other to see.

  1. Build in 3D

There is a Google tutorial on how to build 3D buildings. Check it out if you feel like there are many locations that need 3D view and send them to Google. Install Sketchup in order to start the project.

  1. Explore more

By zooming in the oceans or sea you get to see underwater and if you use layers you get to discover and explore many more underwater places.

  1. Be an astronaut

The planet icon at the top of the menu allows you to travel to the Moon and Mars.

  1. It works offline!

You need internet connection to have complete information on Google Earth, but if you downloaded before you stop the internet connection it will work just fine!

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