Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite Users are No Longer Able to Downgrade

Those that own a Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite will be no longer able to downgrade their device to Android Oreo after the device will be updated to Android Pie.

The brand did not offer a specific reason that led to the decision of locking users to Android Pie. It did note that the patch may bring a selection of irreversible features and the devices will no longer function properly if users revert to the older OS version. The company has also taken into account the rollback protection feature announced by Google during the I/O conference. Anti-rollback protection is already present on the Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro since July and the feature has been activated recently on the Redmi 5A and Redmi 5.

The decision is certain to infuriate some users as it is quite similar to what Apple does by no longer signing older iOS versions when a new one has been released. There is also the problem of bugs. Any new version of an operating system may contain some bugs that have remained undetected during the development cycle.  In most cases we are talking about small bugs that shouldn’t pose much of a problem but in some cases the problem could be more serious, decreasing the overall performance of your device or even preventing the use of certain functions.

While Xiaomi will provide a steady stream of updates for all the devices that it offers the company is not exactly known for releasing bug-free patches. The problem is particularly spiky when we are talking about Android One devices. When the brand released the Android 8.0 update for the Mi A1 earlier in 2017 a number of stability bugs forced Xiaomi to suspend the update until a stable fix could be released.

Users that own the models mentioned in the article can wait for reviews before they decide to install the updates in order to be sure that no problems will appear.

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