The Last of Us Part II Release Date Leaked With New Theories

A number of Amazon Italy users spotted what seems to be possible launch date for the next The Last of US title.  The webpage of the product notes a release date of March 29, 2019.

Screenshots with the product page appeared on several forums as fans rushed to check the rumor. The only problem is that it may, in fact, be just a dupe.

Amazon has usually used placeholder dates for some items because some countries demand an explicit release date when a product can be pre-ordered. The fact that the game is set on a date on par with the end of the financial quarter seems to confirm these theory.

The first title in the series, The Last of Us, is a beloved PlayStation exclusive that received universal critical praise from both reviewers and player alike. A fresh take on the zombie genre, the game tells the story of a world where a fungal infection that ravaged humanity. The Cordyceps Brain Infection is incredibly aggressive; with the infected person loosing most of the higher brain functions within 48 hours after the initial infection took place. The infected become very aggressive and are no longer able to think or act rationally.

The infection started to spread in an alternate 2013 with the events of the game taking place two decades later. During the span of four seasons the game follows the adventures of Joel and Ellie. Ellie has a unique immune system that is resistant against the infection. It is thought that by analyzing Ellie a vaccine that stops the infection can be created. The two protagonists will struggle to reach a center where an attempt to create the vaccine can take place.

The game offered an unforgettable emotional journey that continues to haunt players to this day. Naughty Dog has been hard at work and many think that the sequel will be released at some point in 2019.

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