Avira Antivirus Security Version 5.6.1: Available to Download and Install with New Features

This one is the best antivirus cleaner that’s free. It also provides mobile phone security, privacy and anti-theft app for Android. It’s good to keep in mind that it uses the Device Administrator permission.

All of your contacts, your emails, photos, credit card numbers are on your phone. Avira Antivirus Security is one of the best apps that protect your device. And it does not only scan your device for malware, but it also offers safe browsing and anti-theft features to find your device in case you lost you.

What are the features?

  1. It scans, blocks and removes all the viruses and malware that it founds on your device.
  2. it locates your phone, helping you to find it. In case your phone got stolen, you can recover it easily by finding out where it is. It triggers a loud siren that will make it easier for you to locate it. Also, the app prompts whoever finds your smartphone to contact you to give it back.
  3. it’s your privacy advisor, and it shows how many of your apps collect sensitive data. It also rates them in terms of how much data they collect.
    4. It has super light Virus Protection, and it scans for the malware. However, this process does not slow your activity or drain your battery.
  4. your camera and mic are protected, and it prevents anyone from spying on you.
    6. It has AppLock, a PIN that protects your sensitive apps, like Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp.
  5. it announced you when your contact has been leaked to another app and will notify every one of your contacts if the email address has been compromised. It also blocks the unwanted contacts from your phone.

You can enjoy the free features, or you can choose to pay for the premium ones.

What’s new?

They have improved the security, speed, and stability of the app. The interface has now Christmas decorations, and they have fixed all the bugs.

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