Enjoy the Holidays with These Special Android Apps

Christmas is getting closer and closer and many people have already started to prepare for the event. Between house cleaning and decorating the Christmas tree you may take a few minutes to relax. Below you can find a list of interesting Christmas apps, offering a selection of features that will make you smile.

PNP 2018 Portable North Pole

This app will bring Santa Claus closer to everyone around the world. The app allows users to create and send personalized video messages that feature Santa Claus. The app was first released more than 10 years ago but a steady stream of updates have kept it fresh and relevant by adding  new features among which we can count new videos, a reaction recorder that allows parents to record the reaction of their kids when Santa is talking, a naughty or nice list and much more.

Christmas frames

Active Instragram users will definitely enjoy this app as they can now customize their selfies and pictures with a variety of beautiful and interesting frame. The app can be downloaded for free and edited pictures can be saved on the device.

Christmas Gift List

Those that have to buy lots of presents will certainly enjoy this app. User can write down interesting gift ideas and keep them safe. If they changed their mind or buy the item they can mark the change or delete the item from the list. In order to keep the list safe from prying eyes users are able to add a password.

Santa tracker

As the name suggests the tracker will follow Santa as he travels around the world in order to deliver presents.  A selection of funny and engaging mini-games is also included and the app is completely ad-free.

Christmas Songs 2017

Holiday songs will make every Christmas better. Enjoy famous hits for free and share them with your friends by using this free app.

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