The Samsung Flexible OLED Display Might Come to iPhone 11

Based on some reports, it looks like Samsung Display might have reached an agreement with Apple so that iPhones will get flexible touch OLED displays. The sources that suggested this also said that there is a possibility the next smartphone from Apple, iPhone 11, will work with such display.

A deal that happened earlier this year

What we expect for the tech giant to do is to use the flexible OLED display on just one iPhone, while still sticking with the usual touchscreen technology for the others. It appears that the agreement was reached earlier this year. According to ET news, an industry official stated that “A senior Samsung Display representative visited Apple in March to propose the supply of touch a integrated OLED panels”. This representative also seems to have confirmed that since that moment contracts have been already signed.

Using flexible OLED technology would be more cost-effective

The fact that Apple wants to use flexible touch OLED displays doesn’t mean that they would create a folding iPhone. What the company is interested in is integrating the touch component into the display. Using just one display with touchscreen abilities integrated within will cost less than using both a touchscreen panel and a display panel (TSP). Taking about separate TSP, if Apple didn’t have to worry about it anymore, then maybe they could start expanding other components of the upcoming iPhones.

It’s also important to note that the difference in product when it comes to the end user could be really significant. However, we don’t know yet whether Apple will want to keep the cost and size savings internal or not.

This is one of the few leaks about iPhone 11 that we’ve had in a while, so hopefully more will follow in the future. We still don’t know for sure, after all, if this is how the phone will be called.

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