OnePlus Has Just Confirmed That Its 5G Phone Will Be Launched by May 2019 and It Is Not OnePlus 7

We have just had confirmation from OnePlus that the 5G smartphone that is expected to launch next year will be different from the OnePlus 7 device. According to what we know so far, OnePlus 7 is going to be unveiled sometime in the first half of the following year and the 5G device will be launched by May 2019.

The OnePlus 5G smartphone – a distinct device from OnePlus 7

As it was just confirmed by the Chinese company, a completely new smartphone will be unveiled by May next year, which is not going to be part of the present-day line of flagship devices. We are talking now about the OnePlus 5G phone, which is obviously expected to have better processing power and faster data transmission, compared to the models that were released this year.

The confirmation that the OnePlus 7 handset will not be the same as the OnePlus 5G phone, which doesn’t have a name yet, comes from OnePlus CEO Pete Lau.

What else is known about the 5G phone

When it comes to the price of the upcoming 5G phone, it is assumed to be somewhere between $200 and $300 more than OnePlus 6T, whose prices start from $500 in the United States. We have also heard the CEO Lau mentioning that the company wants to launch this 5G phone not for sales, but rather to be sure that it is part of this exciting beginning of 5G technology. Simply put, the Chinese manufacturer wants to make sure that it is “one of the first companies to deliver a 5G phone”, as Lau said in a statement.

Also, according to a report from CNET, the OnePlus 5G will not have a much different design, as the changes will apply to the interior of the phone. The smartphone will have a 5G antenna, which will use a portion of the spectrum known as sub-6.

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