Is Phone Insurance Worth It? Here’s Our Opinion

In case you break the screen of iPhone XS Max, or Galaxy Note 9, then prepare to spend some money, because, without insurance, you have to pay $329 and $239, respectively. In case you break their backs, you have to pay $599 for iPhone XS Max, and $99 for Galaxy Note 9.

If you don’t want to go to the official team to fix it, you’ll also have to have a lot of time and patience, since it’s very hard to find someone does to it for you.

The repair price for iPhone

It’s true, you can always put a case around the glass, plus screen protection, but it will not look as good as you’d like it to look. If you’re among those people who don’t want to cover their phones at all, that’s even worse, because the handset might take a fall at some point – you can never be sure. And then, you’ll have to pay if you want it to be fixed and trust us, that’s a lot of money we’re talking about. You might as well just pick insurance. But the real question is: which one? And is it really worth it?

So is it worth it?We did some digging, and we came to one important conclusion: looking at the prices you’ll have to pay to replace the display of one Samsung phone, or of the glass of iPhone, they’re the ones you’re going to benefit from – without insurance. But there are many carriers and third-party options, so it’s time you do some digging and decide on this matter.

It’s true, e phone insurance will never be cheap, but if you decide to go for monthly fees, it can be do-able.

For Apple, if you have an OLED screen that costs $329 to replace, then AppleCare will give you $230. It might not sound the best at first, but if you think of phone snitching, or a display crack, or a shattered back, everything’s in favor of AppleCare. Also, it won’t take them a lot to fix it.

For Note 9, a broken screen costs $239, and the cracked back $99, and Samsung’s Premier Care is just as the cracked back, to which you’ll also have to add the number of months you’ve paid for (keep in mind the price is $12 per month).

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