The First Trailer of Dragon Age 4 Has Just Been Released

At the beginning of this month, BioWare teased numerous fans of the Dragon Age series, stating that they will get an announcement on the upcoming game at some point in December. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for the news, as the company has just presented a trailer showing the highly anticipated Dragon Age 4. In the teaser we could see some slow hands across artifacts, while a hashtag, “The Dread Wolf Rises”, might give us an idea about the central story figure.

We should soon get some more news

Although the trailer wasn’t long enough for us to learn a lot about the upcoming Dragon Age 4, the official announcement should be soon followed by more news provided by BioWare. What we know for now is that the tagline “The Dread Wolf Rises” most likely refers to the elven god of betrayal in the world of Dragon Age – Fen’Harel.

Bioware is already working on Dragon Age 4

According to Mark Darrah, an executive producer of Dragon Age, the upcoming game has been under development for quite some time now. Although he did not share any details, he stated that a team of experienced Dragon Age developers is “hard at work exploring ways to push BioWare’s storytelling to the next level”.

“The most epic quest ever”

Game director Matthew Goldman seems to agree with his colleague, saying that BioWare’s “strongest team yet” is working on what he called the “most epic quest ever”. Talking about the challenge that the creating of Dragon Age 4 brings, he said, “Making players into heroes of their own stories has been my real-life quest since Baldur’s Gate. Over the years I’ve taken on increasing challenges: building fast living worlds, devising fun party-based combat and illustrating fantastic stories. Now, I’m honored and excited to continue BioWare’s rich legacy of colorful companions, romance and epic choices in my favorite fantasy franchise”.

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