Pokémon Go – Trainer Battles Will First Reach Level 40 Players

It looks like Pokémon Go Trainer Battles are just about to be released and the first ones to get them will be level 40 players. The whole community of players is extremely excited and they cannot wait to start using the PvP features as soon as possible. For now, we have some good news, as Niantic has just released an announcement about the rollout. It’s good to see that the company has learned from its mistakes from the past and is letting us know about what happens next.

How will the feature be released

A message has been posted on Twitter, where the company is explaining how the rollout of Trainer Battles will take place. It seems that the feature will be rolled out in different phases, starting with the players who have level 40. They also give their reason for doing so: to make sure first that the feature is running properly and only then to release it to more Trainers. It’s great to see that we were informed about this rollout, as in the past Niantic had some problems with the lack of communication.

Usually, when Pokémon Go is launching an important feature, it is first being offered to level 40 players and only later to lower levels. As they just explained, this is to make sure that everything is stable. No one can argue that this is a very good idea, however, not letting fans know about this has caused some frustration in the past.

How much do the lower levels players need to wait

Judging by how it happened in the past, it took around a few hours or a few days for newly released features to reach all the players until the level 10. We can expect something similar this time and hopefully nothing will go wrong. We don’t have yet an official launch time for when the rollout will begin, but according to what we know so far, the feature might arrive later this week.

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