WebKit Exploit May Perform a Remote Jailbreak on iOS 12

It hasn’t been long since Linus Henze, security researcher and developer announced that Safari holds a potential exploit for iOS and macOS. He added that this threat affects devices with iOS 12.1 and below.

This shocking news came on Twitter and people who updated their iPhones to iOS 12.1 felt the need to learn more about how they can protect their handsets. Fortunately, these users received good news from Min Zheng, also known as Spark, staff member at Alibaba and prominent figure in the world of jailbreaking.

Zheng claims that the most recent WebKit exploit could be useful for a remote jailbreak

Many iPhone community members consider Min Zheng’s recent statements an indication that an iOS 12 jailbreak could be coming soon. Last week, Linus explained how the bug identified within Safari for iOS and macOS works and how it can affect devices with the latest version of iOS and below.

Community members could see that the bug acts similar to RegEx on affected platforms. Thanks to this exploit, anyone who knows enough about jailbreaking could perform such a process. Thus, affected iOS devices could be ”cleaned” directly from the affected browser – Safari.

Zheng used Twitter to make another announcement only a few days after Linus’ exploit. He said that this information can be useful in performing a remote jailbreak. This could be the first sign that shows Zheng’s intention to pioneer such a process, but nothing is confirmed yet.

iPhone users showed a lot of interest in the data presented by the jailbreak master and asked a lot of questions, but so far Zheng hasn’t replied to any of them. Even so, the community is hoping to see an iOS 12 jailbreak as soon as possible.

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