We Could Soon Get a New Pokémon Mobile Game

A recent job listing that was posted on LinkedIn seems to suggest that yet another Pokémon mobile game could be released in the not-that-distant future.

The Pokémon company searches for a game designer

All companies that participate in the video game market have to always make plans for the future in order to beat their competitors. They must pay extra attention to hiring new employees that could help them develop their upcoming games. The Pokémon Company is not an exception, which we can see in its recent job listing that was posted on LinkedIn.

The new employee would help to develop a new Pokémon game

The company searches for a creative game designer that would join the current team in their efforts to develop an upcoming Pokémon game for mobile devices. The perfect candidate would be someone who can work with Unity and has an experience in designing mobile and video games of at least five years.

Unity might be used for the second time

According to a report by Game Informer, the only existing Pokémon mobile game that uses Unity is the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s version for tablets. This clearly indicates that we might finally get a mobile port for this hugely popular game.

There are many other Pokémon mobile games

The upcoming title would join the large group of Pokémon games that players can currently enjoy on their mobile devices. The number of Pokémon games keeps on growing, as from time to time a new title hits the market. We all know Niantic’s Pokémon Go, but there are many others that have huge groups of fans. The most popular amongst them are: Pokémon Shuffle, Magikarp Jump, Pokémon Duel and Pokémon Quest. The mobile version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game could soon join them.

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