New Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 Listed on the FCC Website

Nowadays it is very simple to find out the latest news about upcoming devices, even if the companies don’t release any official announcements. For example, those who kept an eye on the website of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) observed that a new Samsung tablet was listed there. The tablet has the model number SM-T387W. Since Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2017 was released with the model number SM-T385 it is believed that this new tablet is in fact the 2019 edition of the Galaxy Tab A.

This lets us know that the company is preparing to launch a new tablet in 2019. This isn’t surprising since Samsung releases new devices each year. However, the model number and the design make us believe that this tablet won’t be a flagship product.

The tablet

It is believed that this tablet will be a mid-ranged one. The listing on the Federal Communications Commission let us know that the device will come with a camera module without a LED flash on the back. In the image, we can also see the company logo on the back, below the camera.

The tablet comes with a 3.5 mm earphone jack that is placed at the top. There is also a small hole for the microphone which is positioned next to the jack. The Volume Rocker and the Power button are located on the sides of the devices.

On the bottom of the tablet, we can see a microUSB port and there is a speaker next to it. While we can’t see the left side clearly, we believed that the edge will be used to insert SIM and microSD cards. From the FCC listing, we can also see that LTE and Wi-Fi variants are under development.

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