Fortnite Is Launching a Minecraft-Like Creative Mode

We’ve just learned that the popular Fortnite will get a Creative mode, which will resemble Minecraft. This mode will allow gamers to create their own environments and play in them, and is just about to be launched.

This exciting mode will be launched on the 6th of December

This new option developed by Epic Games will launch on the 6th of December and will be known as Fortnite Creative. It looks like this new mode will allow players to fly freely around their islands and they will have the possibility to place various elements wherever they like in the scenery, while also being able to create their own mini-games that they can play together with friends.

The Creative mode is not the first one to be added to Fortnite

Fortnite already has two other modes, Battle Royale and Save the World, so the new addition will be the third mode of the title and it will be available from the main menu. The way the Creative mode works is that it gives gamers the option to choose between various island shapes, and only later they can access their own landscape.

How does the mode work

Players can easily populate their landscape by choosing from several pre-made scenic objects and buildings, by simply using a drag and drop interface. Once they design their own environment, the players can then create mini-games, which can be played with friends that have received an invitation to join the server. These worlds that are created by the gamers can be saved and also shared with friends. There is also an option to access certain worlds that were created by other members from the community.

This new exciting Creative mode provides, in fact, an extension to the Battle Royale Playground option that was letting players to go to islands with their friends and set up their own objectives. This new addition to Fortnite resembles the creative mode in the Minecraft game, where players can design their own buildings and landscapes, without having the worry that they will be attacked. It’s important to mention that for the first week, only gamers who will purchase a Season Seven Battlepass will be able to access the mode, and starting with the 13th of December, the Creative mode will be free for everyone.

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