We May See Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in GTA 6

Due to the huge popularity of its predecessors, GTA 6 is the subject of an enormous amount of various rumors, even though the title is not going to be released before 2022. Not much is known about this upcoming game and the progress of its development, as Rockstar Games has not released any info so far, but it does not discourage fans from discussing the potential additions that we might see in the sixth instalment of the GTA series. The latest rumors seem to suggest that two Hollywood stars, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, may make their appearance as lead characters of the game.

Eva Mendes could play the main female protagonist

Some recent rumors seem to indicate that the upcoming GTA 6 might see the addition of a female lead protagonist. Moreover, most of them agree that the role will be played by a popular Hollywood actress, Eva Mendes. These reports are yet to be confirmed, but the fans of the game will surely see this addition as a step in the right direction.

Ryan Gosling is a great fit for GTA 6

Another Hollywood star that is being tipped to play a role in the highly anticipated GTA 6 is Ryan Gosling, who played the main character in the critically acclaimed movie, Drive. According to Dan Houser, the co-writer of GTA, “it was impossible to imagine that film without having played GTA”. Fans of the Grand Theft Auto would surely agree that the entire action of Drive could definitely take place in the world of the game. This makes Ryan Gosling a perfect fit to play the role of the main male protagonist of the next GTA 6. However, since these are just rumors, we will still have to wait for the confirmation from Rockstar Games whether Gosling and Mendes are taken into consideration to do some voice work for the upcoming GTA 6.

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