Google Pixel 3 XL Gets Android Q: Leaked by Geekbench

We are living in a century when technology evolves fast and this can make our lives easier. The mobile world is one of those constantly changing areas. Everybody’s anxious to see how a new smartphone or operating system works as soon as it is launched. This interactivity makes people eager to discover the best gadgets and dive into the world of advanced technique.

One of these intense periods is happening as we speak. Pie, the latest version of Android, is finally being pushed on many smartphones. The OS was announced by Google in June this year, but the rollout didn’t start until October. Even if some companies haven’t managed to update their devices to Android Pie yet, Google is ready to embrace the future.

Android Pie could soon be old news

Google always likes to be one step ahead of the others, so it’s ready to make a brave move. According to recent leaks, it already started to work on a next-gen operating system – Android Q. So far, we don’t have any official information about the development process. We don’t know if the OS will keep this name or how it will work.

However, we know that the first device which could be run by Android Q is Google Pixel 3 XL. Geekbench is the first source which shared images of the alpha package. It looks like the OS is already being tested. Even if it comes with a futuristic operating system, Google Pixel 3XL has a scoring of 2404 and 8510. Also, it features Qualcomm chipset and comes with a 4 GB RAM.

So far, we don’t have enough information to predict something for the leaked Android Q. Anyway, it’s too early, because some devices are still waiting to receive the Android Pie update. Let’s keep an eye out!

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