New Features Added to Google Photos for iOS: Depth Control and Color Pop

Google has recently made an announcement on Twitter that Google Photos will allow users to edit any Portrait Mode photo on all devices. It seems that this is a back-end change, since there is no update to the app itself. Those of you who use this popular app will be able to tap in order to choose a new focal point and to drag sliders so that the amount of blur will be adjusted.

Google Photos is definitely one of the best apps for picture archiving for iOS users

You probably already know that if you own one of the newest devices from Apple, such as the iPad Pro, iPhone XR, or iPhone XS, you can easily use the tech giant’s own Photos app to adjust the background blur in a Portrait Mode picture. However, in case you have an earlier Apple device, you don’t have such option. All you can do is enable or disable the Portrait Mode, but you cannot change the blur. You may, of course, use a third-party photo app, but they will probably just not be as good as the popular Google Photos.

How to adjust the blur in Google Photos

So if you want to adjust the blur of a Portrait Mode picture in Google Photos, all you need to do is to open the photo and press the Edit button so that the editing menu will open. Afterwards, you will see a list of color filters at the bottom of the screen. You will have to press the Edit button one more time in order to access the sliders for Light, Color and now the newest addition: Depth. You will see a drop-down menu arrow to the right, which will give you sliders that you can use to adjust the amount of blur and foreground blur. You just have to tap anywhere you want on your picture to modify the in-focus part of your picture.

Also, it’s not only the depth control feature that was added to Google Photos. There is another new addition: Portrait Mode photos can now use the “Color Pop” filter. This filters can be used to keep the subject in color, while fading the background to black and white.

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