New Profile Designs from Instagram Will Concentrate on Users Rather Than Their Follower Count

There has been a new announcement from Instagram regarding some new user profile layouts that the company is experimenting with. The company said on its press site that throughout the following weeks, users may notice some features being arranged differently at the top of their profiles. Some of these changes will apply to buttons and icons, as well as to the way the navigation between tabs is done, according to what we read in the blog post. Nothing will be changed when it comes to the photo grids, though.

How will the new changes affect user profiles

One of the possible changes may be the way the followers count will look like on the profile of a user. It looks like the number of followers and following people will not be as emphasized as it was until now. Therefore, these follower counts might no longer appear at the top of users’ profiles and the font used for the numbers will be much smaller. This is, in fact, quite similar to the recent change made by Twitter on its iOS app, as a way to take the emphasis on the numbers away and concentrate more on how make other more meaningful features a priority.

Striving for authenticity on the platform

Recently, Instagram announced that it will strive to remove fake activity from its app, such as fake likes, followers and comments, so this new change is clearly part of the company’s attempt to remain an authentic platform. Another new change could be that the “message” button will be located near the “follow” one, and once we tap on another user’s Following tab, we could see the mutual followers. It also seems that IGTV will get its own tab, and the tagged photos, posts and grid icons will now be written out.

When it comes to business account, other than the “Start Order”, “Call” and “Directions” tab, there will also be a Shop tab. What we know from Instagram is that it will test out various combinations of these changes during the coming weeks. The company also mentioned that it will carry out these experiments on profiles based on the feedback that they get from users, so if you don’t really like one specific change, make sure to let them know.

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