Project Treble Might Help Users Get an Early Android Q Release

Project Treble is a project which was announced by Google back in 2017. This project aimed to redesign the Android framework. We will spare you the technical details, what you need to know is that Project Treble support became a most for every phone releases with Android 8.0 Oreo and above. That is because this project helped devices become more secure.

This time it appears that Project Treble is responsible for other good news. It appears that users might be able to receive Android Q earlier than expected thanks to this project.

Generic System Image

Google has mentioned on several occasions how important a Generic System Image is for this project. A GSI represents an unchanged build of Android sourced from the AOS. At the Android Dev Summit which took place this year, a member of the Project Treble team, Hung-Ying Tyan offered more details about this:

“An important first step toward that goal is to make GSI available in AOSP. So, for this, we have published pie-gsi in AOSP*. So now you can download and build pie-gsi today,” he explained.

Tyan also talked about how important GSIs are when it comes to an early software release: ”We are also exploring ways to make future GSI available earlier than the release of next Android version. So you will be able to try out next Android version earlier over GSI. And at the same time we can also get early feedback from you, so the benefit is mutual. So please stay tuned for our further announcement on this.”

Therefore, we just need to wait and see. If Google’s plans work as expected, there is a big chance that Project Treble will help us receive Android Q earlier than we would have expected.

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