GTA V Natural Vision Mod Receives Final Update

There are several visual mods available for GTA V but Natural Vision Remastered remains the most ambitious and impressive offering. The maker, Jamal Rashid, spent thousands of hours in order to compile the mod.

The latest update features a completely revamped cloudy weather system. Rashid opted to leave the weather out until the end because the effort was colossal. In order to update the weather, he was forced to manually rework each hour of the day and synchronize the work with the time cycle while also trying  to avoid any potential graphical bugs.

Razed (Rashid’s scene name) underlines the fact that the new weather system was inspired by the one used in Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar’s latest title. The mod will allow PC players to enjoy an advanced weather system that is truly spectacular.

The mod posed some technical challenges. The time cycle s split between two distinctive regions (countryside and city) but some traits, like cloud lighting and colors, are tied to a single setting for both regions. Cloud textures were also changed in order to look better.

Natural Visions required more than 4000 hours of hard work in order to reach the current stage. It blends a selection of visual elements inspired by games like Watch_Dogs, Forza Horizon and many more. While most graphic mods use ReShade in order to overhaul visuals Natural Vision is an exception, allowing players to enjoy better visuals and keeping performance balanced at the same time.

Users can also opt to use an ENB/Reshade package in order to boost the visual details of vehicles but the option will may decrease overall performance. If you only use the default mod general performance should be on par with vanilla version.

Razed has also announced that this is the last version of the mod. If RDR 2 will come to PC, he may return to make mods for it in the future.

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