How the Clash Of Clans Christmas Tree Will Look This Year

Christmas is almost here and the preparations have already begun. Clash of Clans is no exception either. Each year we receive an update that helps us get in the Christmas mood. The update is on its way, and we are going to offer you a sneak peek for it. We have gathered all the available information and we will present it to you in this article.

The December 2018 update

The Christmas tree for this year already got leaked and we were able to admire it in all its glory. It appears that the tree will be decorated with blue Christmas lights. Once the update will become available, the tree will show up as a seasonal obstacle. Removing this obstacle should generate a significant amount of resources, which can count as a Christmas present from the developers

The previous update

If this year’s update will be anything like the one from last year, we should be ready to receive some big surprises. Last year we received numerous events, a 4x Star Bonus Events, the 1 Gem Army Boost Event plus a 2x Clan War Reward Event.

In addition to that, last year the Giant Skeleton made a comeback. This seasonal troop was a favourite for many players and we were all glad to see it return to the game. In addition to that, the update brought back the Ice Wizard and Santa’s Surprise Spell.

Players were also able to save some bucks thanks to some major gem and resources offers, the best ones of the year. It is likely that we will get similar offers this year, so if you want to make a purchase, you might want to wait until the 2018 December update is available.

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