Adobe Flash Player Will End In 2020, What Does This Mean?

It is no secret for anyone that Adobe is going to pull the plug on Flash Player in 2020. Flash was no longer safe, and major companies such as Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Facebook agreed to put an end to it as well.

At the moment Adobe Flash Player is still working, and there are even websites that still require it. However, Flash will stop being operational after the end of 2020, and according to Adobe, they won’t release new updates for it.

Why Will Adobe Flash Player End?

The reason why Adobe will no longer continue is that it had numerous security issues. In fact, Flash Player has become a target for hackers in the past. As much as Adobe tried to fix Flash Player with constant security updates, it was not enough to stop attacks. HTML 5 appears to be the replacement for Adobe Flash Player and it is supported by most browsers.

The browsers

When it comes to Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Player updates are installed automatically, each time Chrome is updated. Meanwhile, when it comes to Mozilla Firefox, Flash Player is not updated automatically when the browser is updated. You have to get the update manually when you are asked to install the latest Flash version. Edge and Internet Explorer have an advantage because Windows 10 and Windows 10 keep Flash up to date. However, you will need to update Flash from the Flash download center of Adobe, via Internet Explorer.

Stay safe

If you continue to use Flash and you are going to do it until 2020, it is vital that you keep it up to date. Make sure that you install all the updates for it, in order to protect your computer from unwanted attacks.

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