Spotify Has Just Released the First Version of Its Apple Watch App

During the last couple of weeks, Spotify has launched wearable apps for various platforms, and now it’s finally the time for its first Apple Watch app. The users of Apple Watch will get the watchOS app throughout next week and they need to make sure that they have the most recent version of the Spotify iOS app on their devices in order to be able to download the app.

What should we expect from the app?

Similarly to all the wearable device apps that Spotify already released, the Apple Watch’s program is concentrating on how to control the playback on the iPhone from the users’ watch. This means that users will be able to play, pause, rewind or skip their tracks with much ease, while also having the option to tap a hear icon that will allow them to add new songs that they find in their libraries. Apart from the feature that lets users add music to their libraries, most other options can be found in Apple’s Now Playing app.

More features might be added to the app in the future

According to the release notes from Spotify, we know that the company emphasizes the fact that this is just the first version of its Apple Watch app. Based on this, we can only assume that there may be more features available in the future. Another thing that was also mentioned in the announcement made by the Swedish company is that users will have the option to listen to music and podcasts offline. This is definitely going to be very welcomed by everyone. Moreover, the Apple Watch app has Spotify Connect support, which means that users can control playback and connections with various Bluetooth devices that they wish to play music from. These devices can be selected straight from the watch.

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