WeChat vs Line: Best Features and Multimedia Content

We all know what WeChat and Line are – well-known global leaders when it comes to instant messaging apps. If we are to talk about the features, we can say that they are very similar to other messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

But WeChat is a bit better than Line – it has given us a lot more. Let’s take a clear example: active users. According to a recent study, WeChat and Line get 846 million and 217 million active users.

It’s true, Line is blocked in China, and many of the users are not from China, but Line can do learn a lot from WeChat.

The official accounts

WeChat and Line both offer official accounts for companies, as a tool to send products information to their subscribers and even give faster customer service.

Line does not have that many official accounts, but they are put in categories in a list in order of industry: media, entertainment, travel, and so on and so forth.

WeChat has four types of official accounts:  service accounts, corporate accounts, subscription accounts and mini program. Every type of account comes with its own features. Brands are able to compare them and make sure that the one they’re choosing is the best for them.

Multimedia content

When it comes to content, Line accounts that are official can send texts and pictures, and also hyperlinks that go directly to an external website. As a general rule, the content goes through messages.

When it comes to WeChat, there are five types of content: articles, audio, video, images and texts. Articles are the only ones that are not sent through messages. However, articles are the most common things sent on this app. All the others can get combined in a WeChat article.

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