Fix Adobe Flash Player Error loading player: No playable source found

If you have ever encountered “Error loading player: No playable source found”, it is usually because there is a problem related to Flash. For example, you might need to reinstall Flash for some browsers, or just to allow it. If you received this error message, we are here to tell you how to fix the problem.

Allow Flash temporarily

If you get this message, you need to have Flash in order to play the video. In some cases, Flash might simply not be allowed. You need to check to see whether you have allowed it or not. Press the small lock icon that shows up in the address bar, and go to Site settings. Scroll down until you see the Flash option and then select Allow from the drop down menu.

Clearing your browser’s cache

Sometimes Flash might not be the problem, and you need to clean the cache of your browser. If you want to do that for Google Chrome, you need to open the browser and then click the three dots that show up in the top right corner. Go to “More tools” and then select “Clear browsing data”. You’ll see some options, check “cached images and files”.

Check whether you need an update for Flash or your browser. If you want to make sure that Google Chrome is up to date you have to click the three dots from the right corner of the browser and then head over to Help. Go to About Google Chrome and see if you are up to date.

You can also type chrome://components in the address bar and then go look for Adobe Flash Player. You should see “Component not updated” or “up to date” as the status if you have the latest Flash version.

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