Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Come to PC with Extra Features

Rockstar’s latest game, Red Dead Redemption 2, received an incredibly positive feedback from reviewers and players alike.

Console gamers were also satisfied by the fact that the game is only available on PS4 and Xbox One as no PC version was announced. But does that mean that the game will remain exclusive to consoles forever? The answer is almost certainly no.

The first Red Dead Redemption is one of the most popular video games ever released and it remains a console exclusive, but PC gamers can play the PlayStation version through PS Live.

Following the steps of GTA

GTA V is currently the best-selling game in the US and RDR2 seems to follow in its steps. Since GTA V was launched on PC two years after the game launched on consoles some sources believe that a PC version of RDR may eventually see the light of day in the following years. While some hoped that Rockstar will announce a PC version before the console release, the company has remained silent. Is this a sign that RDR2 will be exclusive to consoles?

Clues and hints

The first evidence appeared back in the summer of 2017 after the LinkedIn profile of an anonymous Rockjstar developer mentioned PC as a platform. A reliable rumor was recently published by a trusted source as information obtained after an analysis of RDR2’s companion app references a PC and graphical settings. Among the settings mentioned we can find water reflection quality, shadow and particle density options and files that clearly contain the word ‘’pcversion’’.

GTA Online is still earning notable revenue and Rockstar may want to drain the last drops of cash before they release the will release RDR2 on for the PC platform. It took two years after the initial console release to bring GTA V on PC and it seems that Rockstar may follow the same release pattern for RDR2.

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