Windows 10 October Update Will Not Launch in October

At the beginning of October, Microsoft rolled out an update that didn’t end quite well for some of its users. Now, one month later, October has ended and there is still no update from the tech giant.

The last update was far from being a success

The last update that the company released has introduced some new important features, such as an Explorer dark mode and a new screenshot tool, as well as some deeper cloud storage integrations. Unfortunately, there was also a downside to this update, as it was overwriting the files from the My Documents folder throughout the installation for some users. Looking back in time, we know that this is not the first time when the company had problems with rolling out updates, as various bugs existed before as well.

Nevertheless, Microsoft admitted that they have made a mistake with the last update and once they said that they fixed the bug internally, they decided to pause the rollout.

What do we know at the moment

For a while we thought that maybe the October update will be rolled out again, however, it seems that the latest updates that include some more fixes have only been tested by Insiders so far. The newest build, 17763, takes care of the problem with ZIP files. When users were decompressing them, they would not receive any message from Windows to make a decision whether they want to replace the files with the same name or not. The files would instead be overwritten, thus creating quite some serious problems for those who were unlucky enough to experience them. For now, all we know for sure is that the October update hasn’t launched in October and, hopefully, when it does roll out, it will not bring any new bugs. We’ll have to wait and see what Microsoft’s next move is.

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