Royole On the Verge of Releasing the First Foldable Smartphone

We have heard for years about the possible arrival of phones with foldable screens, but until now there were no proper releases, only some trailers and concept designs. However, the upcoming debut of FlexPai will mean that its creators, Royole Corporation will be the first company to release the foldable smartphone. This device will be about the size of a tablet and, once it bents, it will have the size of a rather small paperback book.

FlexPai has its flaws

Looking at the video that presents the first foldable phone, we can see that this device definitely requires some improvements before we can say that the new era is upon us. One of the obvious flaws of FlexPai is the fact that it does not fold flat, therefore the phone is bulky once we close it. Another issue that is easy to notice on the video is the confusion of software when we open FlexPai, as it does not get the orientation right immediately.

Users will get their smartphones before the end of 2018

According to GizmoChina, the smartphone will have a Snapdragon 8-series chipset. When it comes to the price of FlexPai, its version with 6GB of RAM will cost us at least ¥8,999 (some $1,290). The device can be pre-ordered starting from October 31st and it is set to be shipped in December.

The competition is set to increase soon

It looks like we will not have to wait long for the competitors of FlexPai to appear in the market. Samsung is expected to present its own available phone next week during its annual developer conference. Moreover, it is rumored that both Huawei and LG are currently working on their own foldable devices. It is very possible that the era of foldable phones is about to start after years of rumors.

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