The Purchase of GitHub Has Been Finalized by Microsoft

The process of acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft was officially completed on Friday. As it was announced in a post on the blog, the new CEO of GitHub, Nat Friedman will start managing the company on Monday.

GitHub will keep its independent spirit

Friedman, who was the Microsoft corporate vice president of developer services, stated that GitHub will be run independently, its platform will become widely available to a bigger number of developers and the site’s performance, security and reliability will be kept intact. In the post he wrote that “GitHub will retain its developer-first values, distinctive spirit, and open extensibility”. The company will also focus on the paper cards project, whose role is to fix the workflow problems of the small to medium size, which will be handled with the help of the GitHub community.

Microsoft paid $7.5 billion to purchase GitHub

Back in June of this year Microsoft released a statement, in which the company confirmed that it reached the agreement to purchase GitHub for the price of $7.5 billion in stock. The tech giant decided to make such move in order to further expand its focus on creating new AI technologies, services and tools that can be used across devices. The sale of GitHub marked the end of the almost one-year-long process, during which the company was trying to find its new CEO, while also recording the first profit from its services.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a hugely popular and important platform created for software developers, which can be used by them to share programs and codes. In his tweet that was posted in June, Miguel de Icaza, a Microsoft developer, decided to explain why the company chose to buy GitHub: “Satya looked at Microsoft’s bill from all the code we host on GitHub and figured it would be cheaper to buy the company”.

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