Nintendo’s First Remote for The GameCube Uncovered On a Japanese Auction Site

A very unique finding was uncovered this weekend on a Japanese auction site – a Wii remote controller for Nintendo that in fact was not created for a Wii platform, but for its predecessor, GameCube. The device is legitimate, as it was confirmed by one of the game developers on Saturday.

A hardwired remote controller for GameCube

The remote controller changed its owner on Thursday at Yahoo Auctions for 74,000 yen or some $663. At a first glance, it resembles the device that was designed for the Wii, as it has the same shape and button layout, sensor bar and paired “nunchuk” controller. However, there is one huge difference between this remote and the one that was launched in 2006 – it has a long cord with a GameCube controller connector at the end of it.

The main differences between them

The main difference between this remote and its Wii relative is the fact that it has an Ethernet cable as a connector, whose place was later taken by a proprietary Wii controller connector. Moreover, its sensor bar has two bulges at its edges, which makes it much bigger than the Wii sensor bar. The remote can be plugged into the GameCube using its connector that looks very much like a GameCube memory card.

The remote controller is authentic

James Montagna, the WayForward game development director, noticed some interesting details of the device, as its primary buttons and d-pad were lifted from the Game Boy Advance SP. He tweeted on Saturday: “I remember seeing these back when it was still known as the Nintendo Revolution!” Montagne is totally sure that the uncovered remote controller is the authentic device for the GameCube, so there is nothing else that we can do, other than to simply trust him.

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