Google Might Help Samsung in The Development of Their Foldable Phone

A recent report by Bloomberg reveals some specifications of Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone Galaxy F (some sources call it “X”). The device, which was codenamed “Winner”, has reached the later stages of its development process and it should soon enter into the production phase.

Similarities with the 2014 concept video

Generally speaking, the phone will resemble the device that was presented in a concept video that was published by Samsung in 2014. On the outside, Galaxy F will have a four-inch screen, thanks to which we will not have to open the phone to access its functions. However, if we want to play a game, watch a movie or edit a document, we will be able to open the device to its full size with a snap, as it was described in the patent filing.

Physical appearance

Nevertheless, the orientation of Galaxy F when it is opened remains a mystery. According to the report, two final versions have been selected: the first one opens vertically and the second one – horizontally. Engineers are said to prefer the vertical option, so that it resembles a typical phablet after it is opened. A new report by the Wall Street Journal reveals that Galaxy X will measure 7 inches once fully opened.

There might be another hard choice that Samsung will have to make, as the weight of current prototypes is 200 grams – slightly less that Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but much more than iPhone XS Max. This could force the South Korean company to reduce the phone’s weight by reducing its battery, affecting the performance.

Google cooperates with Samsung

Such unusual device would surely need a unique operating system that can support all features of the foldable phone. So, the report says that Google is currently developing a special version of its Android OS that will be fully compatible with Galaxy F. Apparently, Google believes that Samsung’s device may rival Apple’s iPhone juggernaut. And who knows, maybe in a year or two we might see Google’s own foldable device that would use its new Android.

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