Only A Small Increase in The Cost of OnePlus 6T as European Pricing Is Unveiled

In a post that was deleted soon after it appeared, revealed the pricing for the upcoming OnePlus 6T, which is set to be announced during an event that the Chinese company scheduled on October 29th.

OnePlus 6T will cost slightly more than OnePlus 6

According to the German report, the cost of the version of the smartphone with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage will be €579 in Europe. Compared to the price of its predecessor, OnePlus 6, we will see an increase of just €10, which also means that customers in the U.S. and UK will have to pay only slightly more for this next gen device.

Other versions shouldn’t see a big increase in price

When it comes to other versions of the upcoming OnePlus 6T, such as the model with 256GB of storage, we shouldn’t expect any significant increase in price, although the bump might be a little bit different. Moreover, since the smartphone will more likely introduce an in-display fingerprint sensor and it will have a larger battery, the potential buyers will not have any reasons to complain about such small increase in pricing.

OnePlus is known for its reasonable pricing

OnePlus has long been known as the company that sells its best devices for rather reasonable prices. Therefore, it would always be difficult to increase the prices by a significant amount. Of course, we have to pay more for the newest OnePlus smartphone from one year to another, but still, compared to those offered by Apple or Samsung, the purchase is not going to affect our wallets that much.

OnePlus event will take place one day earlier than previously planned

What will be the exact price of OnePlus 6T? Well, it looks like we will have to wait for the official announcement one day less, as in order to avoid the clash with Apple’s event planned for the same day, the Chinese company decided to move forward the event that was previously set to take place on October 30th.

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