Google Maps’ New Feature Allows Users to Track Businesses

For the past few months, Google Maps has been introducing new features that could turn this app from a simple navigation tool into something more significant. The latest additions, such as commuter tools, personalized recommendations, ETA sharing, music controls and group trip planning, are definitely a step in the right direction. Now, with the launch of the a option that allows us to track our favorite businesses, Google Maps could potentially rival Facebook Pages for the title of the best business tracking tool.

Follow your favorite businesses on Google Maps

As Google explains, in order to track a business, we need to tap the newly added “follow” button. This will allow us to view all news connected with this place, such as future events, posts, pictures and offers, which will appear in the tab called “For You” located in Google Maps. Moreover, businesses will be also able to use this feature to attract potential clients, way before they officially start their activities.

How to create a Business Profile

Google My Business is a tool that has to be used to build a Business Profile. It is highly important to set the opening date of the business, as this will allow users to find the profile in searches using the app and mobile web for up to three months prior to the opening.

The opening date will show in orange right below the name of the business. Once the profile is completed, users will be able to add the business to their lists. Other information, such as the website, address, phone and photos, will display on the profile as well.

Availability of the feature

The business tracking feature will be accessible at first to some 150 million places already existing in Google Maps and, of course, to all those who wish to follow them. For now, the new option is available only on Android and only in some countries, with more of them coming soon.

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