Google Play Store Version 26.5.19 – A Quicker Way To Obtain New Apps

When we think of smartphones, many of us have the tendency of comparing them to tiny, pocket computers, and that comparison isn’t too far off, especially when you look at the specifications of more recent models, which pack components that some computers from a decade or two ago could only dream of.

However, they are mere bits of hardware that are entirely useless without the proper software to commend everything.

Smartphones, just like computers, require an operating system to run.

Over the past decade, two operating systems have become very prevalent in the choice of most people – Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Today we are going to focus on Android, with a strong emphasis on the Google Play Store.

Android is amazing, and all, but part of its impressiveness is granted by the plethora of apps it provides via its custom app store, which once used to be known as the Android Market.

When you open the Google Play Store, you are granted access to countless apps from developers all across the globe, all ready to be downloaded at the tap of a button.

The Play Store evolved considerably over time, as it gathered more features and became more reliable.

There are numerous tabs with recommended apps, top-rated apps, free apps, paid apps, and so on for you to browse and choose from.

However, the Play Store is an app like any other, and it requires updates every now and then. The developers have recently introduced version 26.5.19 of the app.

With each new version, the experience gets more refined, and extra safety is added.

These are the patch notes that accompany the new version:

“[0] – For all devices.

[5] – For Android Wear devices

[8] – For Android TV devices.”

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