Facebook Alpha 333. Available with New Changes for Android

Humans are social beings. When you take a look at our history, you will rapidly see that nearly everything relevant to the race’s progress happened in society.

It is in our nature to feel the need for socialisation, and it’s been in our blood for millennia.

Back in the old days (which really means up until roughly three decades ago), socialisation meant going out and actually meeting the people you wanted to talk to.

However, the technology significantly progressed over the past few decades, and online instant messaging became popular. However, fast forward a few years, and we meet the birth of Facebook, the most popular social network of all time.

The chances are that, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know what Facebook is.

However, if you somewhat missed out on that information, we are here to put you up to speed.

Facebook for Android is an app that includes the following features:

  • staying connected with friends and family and meeting new people on the network;
  • setting status updates and using emojis to let your friends know what’s up in your world;
  • sharing media that is relevant to you;
  • find local events to take part in;
  • play online games;
  • backup photos by storing them in albums;
  • follow reputable people like artists, public figures, and others;
  • lookup restaurants / other places to check out reviews and ratings;
  • buy or sell stuff on the Facebook Marketplace;
  • watch or record live videos;
  • send or receive instant messages, calls, voice messages, and more to/from your friends.

The app has just reached version 333. alpha. With each new version, the quality of the service increases, making it more reliable or adding extra features. We recommend that you update Facebook anytime you get the chance to do so, as it will undoubtedly translate to an upgrade in user experience.

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