Amazon to attempt drone delivering service.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, recently made headlines when he announced during an interview that Amazon had plans to introduce a line of drone like “octocopters” to provide delivery services for their customers. His interview included the possibility that, by 2015, drone like machines could be flying all over the air and delivering purchases within 30 minutes of the sale. With the whole controversy of utilizing drones in warfare perhaps it was not the right time to announce such a style of delivery but, needless to say, the world was intrigued.

An interview with drone expert Miss Cummings revealed more information on the possible delivery service. She claims that the Federal Aviation Administration would need to sign off before any service took to the air, something that Amazon has not had done. She called their approach “typically naive” and predicts that Amazon may launch the service in other countries before moving to the United States.

Cummings also went on to say that those eligible for the octocopter delivery will be restricted to those living within a 10 mile radius of their station. The weight limit on deliveries will reportedly be restricted to 5 pounds, which is Amazons most popular weight.

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