Experiencing a Spooky Gaming Extravaganza with Game Hollywood’s Halloween Festivities

This Halloween season, Game Hollywood is shifting gears from the usual to bring a wave of spine-chilling yet exciting experiences to its gaming community. The celebration is platform-wide, embracing the eerie spirit of Halloween with new game releases, in-game events, and tons of rewarding goodies. Let’s dive into the heart of this ghostly gaming festival and explore the thrills waiting for players.

Game Hollywood’s Halloween Special: A Digital Haunt

Game Hollywood is painting its virtual world with shades of spookiness, offering gamers a fully revamped Halloween-themed interface. On the special Halloween page, players are greeted with free codes, daily login rewards, and a fresh look to mark the occasion.

  • Costume Design Contest: Unleash your creative demons in a costume design contest for the beloved mascot, Chippy. Participants stand a chance to win enticing rewards.
  • Crossover Events: Engage in crossover challenges between popular Game Hollywood titles, with $20 reward vouchers up for grabs.
  • Terrifyingly Fun Activities: Various other spine-tingling activities await, guaranteeing an eerie yet fun-filled gaming saga.

Unveiling New Horrors and Fortunes: Zombie-geddon and Be the Richest


“Braaaaiiinnns,” echoes through the digital alleys as Zombie-geddon makes its grand entrance into the Game Hollywood universe. This game invites players to a cartoon apocalypse, where they battle against a swarm of flesh-hungry undead. With a treasure of epic equipment to discover, deep adventures to embark upon, and a relentless zombie menace, Zombie-geddon is a must-play this Halloween.

Be the Richest

While not traditionally spooky, Be the Richest offers a chance to amass a fortune in a playful, strategic environment. This casual idle H5 game challenges players to invest smartly on their way to becoming business moguls. The journey towards untold wealth may not be haunted, but it is equally thrilling.

Halloween Themed In-Game Events

Numerous Game Hollywood titles are hosting their very own Halloween special events. Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s in store:

Game TitleEvent DurationHighlights
Dark OdysseyOct 29 – Nov 4Defeat bosses to earn Witch Hats, Witch Brooms, and Pumpkin Treasure Chests which can be traded for other rewards.
Dragon AwakenOct 27 – Nov 1Collect Pumpkin Lanterns and exclusive Halloween items like Magic Sceptres, Magic Robes, and Magic Badges.
League of Angels: PactOct 29 – Nov 1Login daily for Halloween treats and challenge bosses for special drops like Magic Candies and Magic Brooms.

Epic Crossover: Dark Odyssey x Dragon Awaken

An extraordinary crossover event is set to enthrall gamers, as the realms of Dark Odyssey and Dragon Awaken collide. Players have the opportunity to amass up to 6,000 points and exchange them for a $20 voucher at the gift shop. This event spans from October 27th to November 14th, providing ample time for players to dive into this fantastical crossover.

Game Hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for media outlets keen on covering this spooky spectacle. Assets and game press releases are neatly packaged in a media kit for easy access. For a deeper insight into this Halloween celebration, visit GameHollywood.com, or check out their Facebook page and Discord channel. This Halloween, the digital realm of GameHollywood.com is where the ghouls, ghosts, and gamers gather for a fiesta of fright and fun.

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